Next Day Roofing & Gutter Solutions is a small family/veteran operated company. We pride ourselves on always offering Quality options and Affordable prices. We do not spend Millions of dollars on advertising that we would have to factor into our pricing. Instead we rely on our ability to offer a great customer experience. When you offer this kind of service people talk. We strive to be a family company you can trust and eventually refer our family to your family.

Our leadership team:

Andrew Durham
Managing partner and director of operations.

Andrew entered the world of home improvements as a teenager in the 1998 working side by side with his grandfather and doing volunteer work with the Ohio buckeye Baptist builders. He was the Cincinnati operations manager for 14 years at the largest home improvement company in the US.
Andrew not only handles all of the behind the scenes action at NDRGS but still works with his brothers and the rest of the staff on a daily basis. He has daily communication with our customers and maintains an open line of communication for any customers who would like to speak with him.
With more than 25 years in the home improvement industry, Andrew has used his expertise to create NDRGS as a way to improve on affordability and customer experience in the roofing service sector.

Joseph Brown
Operations Manager
US Army active duty 2012-2018

Joseph entered the home improvement world upon exiting the military and went to work with his brother Andrew. He has spent the last 6 years working his way up to the ladder. He is now the operations manager for Next Day Roofing Solutions and works with his brothers Andrew and Robert.

Robert Barnes
Service Manager
US Army active duty 2013-2019

Robert entered the home improvement industry upon exiting the military and went to work with his brothers as well.
He is now the service manager for Next Day Roofing solutions and enjoys working with his brothers on a daily basis.

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