6 Year Guaranteed Roof Life Extension

Our Guaranteed Roof Life Extension Process

We always like to start with a FREE on site roof inspection and evaluation. Once we determine the condition of the roof we are able to provide options to refresh, repair or replace. Our knowledgeable home inspector will be able to educate you as to your options and help you navigate a path to your desired end result. We provide a 6 year guarantee on all our roof treatments with Fresh Roof.

Breakthrough Formula By Fresh Roof

Interested in learning about the science behind Fresh Roof’s GreenSoy Technology and how it can benefit your roof maintenance routine from day one?

Fresh Roof initiates the formation of a safeguarding membrane that extends over the entirety of every shingle, shielding against the harmful effects of various weather conditions throughout the seasons, ensuring prolonged protection for years to come.

However, the brilliance of this technology extends beyond the surface. Fresh Roof’s GreenSoy Technology delves deep into the intricate structure of each shingle, including those with reduced asphalt content found in newer models, revitalizing them to their original state and fortifying them against premature deterioration.

This eco friendly, all natural solution saves customers time and money. All the while it refreshes the appearance of your roof, increasing the value and curb-appeal of your home.

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